March 20, 2017 to March 23, 2017

New York City, NY

About DCAT Week
DCAT Week is the premier business development event for companies engaged in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and related industries. It is organized and hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) to assist its member companies with their business development objectives. Held annually in March, the event’s unique model brings together members for high-level strategic meetings with key decision makers, timely educational programs and important networking opportunities.

High-Level Business Development Meetings
DCAT Week is not a trade show. In the unique DCAT Week meeting format, most member companies have pre-scheduled meetings with customers, suppliers and potential business partners in their business meeting space where they can conduct business in private. Opportunities to schedule impromptu meetings also arise during the week while members attend education programs and other networking events. DCAT members have the opportunity to reserve meeting space at Official DCAT Week Hotels exclusively through the organization’s headquarters.

Networking Opportunities
With member lounges, a variety of receptions and hospitality events as well as the DCAT Annual Dinner, DCAT Week provides the perfect venue to meet new colleagues, friends and potential business partners. Due to the organization’s antitrust policy, formal business meetings are strictly prohibited from taking place in either of the organization’s two member lounges.

Education Programs
Programs that bring together leading industry experts who provide timely market analysis, best practices, and insight on the key issues shaping the pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain. Objective and topical, DCAT’s education programs are an important information resource for senior to mid-level executives engaged in the business of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

High Profile Branding Opportunities
The varied types of events and locations offer interesting and high profile branding opportunities for member companies throughout the week. Sponsors also receive recognition pre- and post-DCAT Week.

Business Announcements

Member companies often use DCAT Week as a forum for major business announcements in the organization’s official Member Company Announcement Forum.