API and Intermediates Custom Services

At Hisun, we strive to develop long standing, strong relationships with companies in the pharmaceutical industry both on the human, as well as veterinary side, covering a broad range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, anti-Infective, and cardiovascular, etc. We provide services for complex advanced intermediates, and custom APIs. Our expansive GMP compliant facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive expertise can support our customer’s needs from early research through all phases of clinical development and commercial supply. Our highly skilled R&D team welcomes the opportunity to provide custom services. We apply our breadth of technologies, skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art facilities while leveraging a cost competitive base for the benefit or our clients and partners.

API and Intermediates Manufacturing

Multi-step Synthesis


  • High potency molecules
  • Cytotoxins
  • Distillation
  • Temperature range (-)100°C to 300°>C
  • High pressure to 100 bars
  • Industrial scale column chromatography
Sample Reaction Types
Acetylation Crystalization Grignard Oxidation
Acidification Cyanation Hydrazine cyclization Peroxide oxidation
Alkylation Cyclization Hydrolysis Phosphorus trichloride
Decarboxylic Enzymatic esterification Iodization Reduction
Bromination Epoxidation Lithiation Sulfonation
Butyl lithium Esterification Methoxylation Sulfur derivatives use
Chlorination Ethylene oxide Methyl hyrazine reactioin Suzuki
Coupling Fluorination Nitrations Zinc reduction
Cryogenic reaction Friedel Crafts Nucleophilic acromatic (SNAr)  
Methods & Conditions
Distillation, Chromotagraphy Evaporators-short path & thin film Temerature:-100°C to 300°C Pressure: Up to 100 bars


  • More than 10 workshops, 50 chemical synthesis production lines.
  • Over 680 reactors with a cpacity of 900m3



  • Complex small molecule
  • Downstream processing
  • Bacteria, yest, Filamentous Fungi, Mammalian


A wide range of fermenter, extraction extraction and purification capacities contribute to the flexibility for a variety of product campaigns

  • Lab, Pilot, Commercial Scale
  • Over 680 reactors from 20L to 8,000L
  • >900m3 and 50 production lines
  • >240 Fermenters from 1 to 80m3
  • More than 8,000m3 of fermentation capacity

Natural Product

  • Extraction
  • Chemical modification

Protein Engineering

  • Cell line development
  • Cloning
  • Protein expression and modification