Finished Dose Custom Services

Serving the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets with finished dosage services, we offer superior customer service and technical expertise that positions us among leading Chinese CMOs in China.

The value delivered by Hisun’s Finished Dosage Service centers on a technologically-advanced sites in China with emphasis on injectables and special delivery technology platforms, unparalleled experience and regulatory expertise, and the foresight and framework for sustainability, all which foster security of supply for customers.


Oral Dosage
  • Immediate-release
  • Sustained and controlled release


Injection Dose
  • Normal injection
  • Depot injection
  • Targeted drug product
  • Nanoparticles
  • Nanomicelles
  • Liposomes


  • Transdermal patch
  • Implant


Inhalation Dose
  • Atomizing products
  • Aerosol products
  • Dry powder inhalation
  • Nasal spray products

Solid Dosage Capability

  • Blending, granulation, compression and encapsulation
  • Coating
  • Drying Printing, embossing and banding
  • Bottle packaging
  • Blister packaging
  • Pouch/packet packaging
  • Technology services

Solid Dosage Capacity

Pilot Plant

  • Tablets: 3M/year

Production Plant

  • Tablets: 7B/year
  • Capsules: 2B/year

Injectable Capability


  • Gravimetrically controlled fill checks
  • Low particle aseptic techniques
  • Protection of photosensitive products
  • Inert headspace atmosphere in the container
  • Automatic stoppering and traying


  • Cytotoxic compounds with isolators
  • C_RABS (Closed-Restricted Access Barrier System) Technology
  • Total 160m2 of lyophilize capacity, with variety of chamber size between 5-20m2
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading System (ALUS)

Injectable Capacity

  • 0.25-15 Million vials/year
  • 1-100 mL volume/vial